Student Support Services

Wall Street College is deeply committed to ensuring that all students receive a high-quality training program and support services.


The following staff are available to provide assistance:

  • Airport Reception and Accommodation: Administration
  • Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC): Administration
  • General support: Administration / CEO
  • Accounts: Administration
  • Student Orientation: Administration
  • Academic support: trainers and the Academic Manager
  • Welfare: Student Support Officer


To ensure we meet the specific needs of our students, the College will:

  • Determine the support needs of individual students during the enrolment process
  • Ensure trainers are fully informed of student support needs prior to commencement of training
  • Provide all students with access to the educational and support services necessary for them to meet the requirements of the qualification they are studying


The College will provide assistance to support students to make sure they have the opportunity to successfully complete their training and assessment program by:

  • Identifying particular requirements (such as literacy, numeracy, English language or physical capabilities) students would need to complete their course
  • Developing strategies to make support available where gaps are identified
  • Implementing individualised strategies to suit the student (as applicable)


This may include providing:

  • Language, literacy and numeracy support
  • One on one support
  • Reassessment
  • IT support
  • Welfare Counselling


The College will seek to maximise opportunities for access, participation and outcomes for all students by implementing inclusive practices throughout the delivery of all its courses.


This will be achieved by providing ongoing access to:

  • All resources (physical or virtual) necessary to complete the training program
  • Trainers and assessors for all the training programs
  • Records held by the College
  • The College will make every reasonable effort to ensure that it can accommodate a student’s

However, sometimes those needs are beyond the assistance that can reasonably be provided by the College. In these circumstances, individuals who require substantial additional help with their literacy and numeracy or other needs will be assisted to access specific assistance. There may be costs incurred which will be the responsibility of the student.


All students and staff will be provided with training in the College’s obligations under the ESOS framework and the potential implications for overseas students arising from the exercise of these obligations.


The role of the Student Support Officers is to assist with student welfare and the effective implementation of the College’s obligations under the ESOS framework. The Student Support Officers are also able to help students with some domestic issues, and to assist the student to maintain their course progress. These support services are provided without cost to the students.


The Student Support Officer are able to assist in addressing student welfare requirements, which may include the following:

  • Absenteeism/attendance
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Financial concerns
  • Campus facilities and resources
  • Visa & immigration issues
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Family matters/relationship concerns
  • Legal assistance
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employment rights


The Student Support Officer can also refer the student to a trainer or the Academic Manager regarding the following academic matters:

  • Assessment failures
  • English proficiency
  • Learning difficulties
  • Performance and course progression
  • Reasonable adjustment
  • Study habits and problems
  • Transitioning course/provider


Student counselling

It is important that students have access to a range of support mechanisms during their study. If students require assistance or counselling related to study or personal difficulties, they should speak initially with their trainer or to the Student Services Officer.


The Student Support Officer has a list of local resources, including doctors, dentists, legal aid and other specialist services and will be able to suggest how a student can access any specialised support or external help they may need. All discussions regarding this are in the strictest of confidence and there is no fee for referral, although specialists services may charge a fee.



There is an onsite Resources Centre which contains copies of the recommended textbooks and readings which student have access to for their self-paced sessions.


A number of online libraries are recommended to students, as most reference materials are now available online. The following are some of the recommended library collections online:

National Library of Australia (FREE)

Libraries Australia (FREE)

Free e-books (FREE)

The Free Library (FREE)


We recommend that students use the free electronic resources and the State Library of Victoria or Libraries Tasmania for research. The State Library of Victoria and Libraries Tasmania library card allows the student to request books and other collection material, access eresources or book a study room.  The eresources can be used remotely—anywhere, anytime.

Melbourne campus – To register online and obtain a library card go to This is a free service.

Study assistance

The student’s trainer will be able to provide them with one on one help and suggest additional readings and information. Just ask.  Wall Street College trainers are very friendly and want to help students achieve their learning goals.


The following online resources are also useful for providing student support to study:

Effective Study skills

A useful quick overview of study skills


How to Study

A large directory to study skills websites, including how to study in specific subject areas.


Study Guides and Strategies

A wide ranging overview of the skills needed at all stages of student life.


Study Skills Self-Help

Covers important skills such as time management, note taking and exam preparation.



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