Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)



DURATION: 34 weeks


This course is designed for participants from non-English speaking backgrounds who have intermediate language skills. You’ll develop the academic language skills needed for further study in Australia.

Learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) with us, you will further develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You will also develop strategies for learning and academic skills in: undertaking research; writing essays; group work; and giving oral presentations.

You will be able to communicate at a basic level in your social and community life, as well as in the workplace. This course will prepare you for further English study or other TAFE or higher education studies.

Classroom Based:

The duration for this program is 40 weeks (excluding holiday breaks) and consisting 20 hours of face-to-face delivery per week – the total number of face-to-face delivery hours equates to 800 hours.

Units of Competency

To complete this qualification, you must complete All 9 units of competency listed below:

VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio
VU21499 Give straightforward oral presentations for further study
VU21500 Participate in a range of straightforward interactions for further study
VU21501 Read and write straightforward texts for research purposes
VU21502 Analyse and produce straightforward texts relevant to further study
VU21503 Listen and take notes for research
VU21462 Explore community options
VU21504 Use language learning strategies and study skills
VU21473 Inves gate Australian art and culture

Entry Requirements

This qualification is for learners to own or have read access to a computer and a willingness to learn and having ISLPR level 2+/3. EAL placement test will be conducted to evaluate the level of English at entering into course

  • participant’s current English language skills. (The listening and Speaking and Reading and Writing units in the Framework will provide the basis for initial assessment processes and placement of participants at the appropriate proficiency level)
  • participant prior formal education experience, both overseas and in Australia. Year 11 or Year 12 equivalent to Australian qualification and any prior EAL learning.
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