Welcome From Wall Street College

It is our pleasure to welcome you to start your learning journey with Wall Street College.

Wall Street College was established, as a Registered Training Organisation under Australian Standard Quality Agency (ASQA), the national regulatory body. Wall Street College have developed the concept of professionalism which implies accepting the responsibilities taken by our academic staff with a sense of dedication, commitment and performing in the academic world, the work with our efforts and ethically provide the Australian qualification to the highest possible standards to overseas students in Australia.

We will remain committed to ensuring that Wall Street College graduates in their particular field have the technical skills, knowledge, applied research, applied occupational and professional industry skills needed to meet the workforce labour market.

Wall Street College invites professionals from the industry-relevant experience academics to teach and train applied or essential skills for the labour market, which includes the balance between theory and practice; thus, Wall Street College provides the learners with access to practical knowledge directly from the source in the form of industry experienced trainer/facilitators. Apart from it, the Wall Street College earnestly endeavours to nurture ethical values in its students to become responsible global citizens.

Wall Street College is flexible with content and delivery methods. We believe that we can, and must, do as much as possible to embed the required skills and knowledge in our current curriculum. We believe in innovative methods of teaching and learning and developing the critical thinking and research skills for our students to pursue a successful pathway to higher education.

Our dedicated team is eager to support your academic endeavours, and on behalf of WSC academic and admin staff, we welcome you to our community.

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