Services and Student Support

Wall Street College provides a range of services to support students during their time studying with us. We understand the difficulties students may face in settling into a foreign environment and we have a Student Services Department (SSD) available to offer personal and friendly assistance to students.

All Wall Street staff have the responsibility to support their students and understand the process of referring students to the designated staff for different aspects of the services.

Student Services Officers are the first point of contact for students via email ([email protected]).

The Student Services Officers will be responsible for:

  • Providing students with up-to-date details of Wall Street’s support services.
  • Handling student enquiries about course timetables, classroom arrangements, facilities and hospitality of Wall Street.
  • Organising student orientation.
  • Receiving student complaints and referring complaints to the RTO Manager.
  • Providing students with information about Wall Street attendance and course progress requirements.
  • Assisting students regarding WHS matters (advising the availability of sick bay and first aid kit).
  • Providing information to students related to requests for leave, changes to courses and cancellations, and forwarding the request to the Admin Manager for processing where relevant.


Academic Support

All Wall Street academic staff are responsible for providing academic support to all students. Students can access one-on-one learning support with the Wall Street Learning Advisor. Students can make appointments with the Learning Advisor via email ([email protected]) or through the Student Services Officers.

The Learning Advisor is responsible for:

  • Accessing the LLN test reports and identifying specific learning support needs.
  • Planning and delivering academic workshops on academic integrity, academic skills and learning styles.
  • Referring students to welfare support and/or English support as appropriate.
  • Helping students better understand their assessment requirements as appropriate.

Welfare Counselling

The Student Welfare Counselling is available for all Wall Street students and provides counselling based on appointment.

Students can contact the Student Welfare Officer via email ([email protected]) for consultation on:

  • Stress due to study
  • Learning difficulties
  • Physical and mental problems that affect their study and life and
  • Advice on student workplace issues

For students whose academic performance or ability is affected by personal circumstance, the Academic Manager will refer the student to the Student Counsellor and provide details of the academic situation. The outcomes of counselling, including any recommendations, are recorded by the Student Counsellor and informed to the Academic Manager/Admin Manager. Final approval of any recommendations remains with the Academic Manager.

The college will refer the students who require counselling session for the non-academic matter to the third parties with no referral cost. The outcome of these counselling report to be transferred to the college’s Admin Manager to implement the student’s learning program according.

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