Life at Wall Street College

At Wall Street College, you will find many exciting ways to meet with new people from diverse culture and religion. You can take on new interests and have fun while your learning journey start with Wall Street to achieve your dream career. WSC will provide you opportunities to interact with your classmates and trainer/assessor/support officers during your learning experience in your chosen field.

Whether you decide to share a house with friends or commute from home, life as a student at Wall Street is full of opportunities to interact with your classmates and the trainers and staff. With a range of activities, events, social gathering and great training and delivery facilities, you will get the most out of the student lifestyle at Wall Street campus.

When you study on-campus, you will get opportunities to develop friendship that may last a lifetime, with students from a variety of backgrounds. Located in the heart of the Melbourne, you will get the chance to look at the arts and cultural events and exhibitions.

The campus may, however, sometimes seem to be an overwhelming or unfamiliar place, especially for international students away from home for the first time or removed from their usual support networks. Wall Street College, therefore, provides support and advice on welfare, counselling and staff who can help students with their concerns.

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